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Bugatti has been producing Water Pumps for cars and light industrial vehicles since 1973.

The company’s mission is the production and sale of pumps produced using cutting-edge technology, and the constant ability to offer its customers the right solution for each specific need.
The entire industrial process is carried out in-house, each step in the process being overseen by our highly trained staff.

Bugatti Water Pumps are distinguished by their total interchangeability, both in terms of assembly and performance, using original products and offering total reliability, guaranteed by stringent testing.

With the addition of its new departments (its pressure die-casting foundry and its high precision machining department for cast aluminium components), Bugatti today makes an even more valuable and highly reliable partner, capable of offering full support and meeting the customer’s every need. Just place your order and you’ll receive the finished machined items, the result of Co-Design.

With its many years of experience and consolidated tradition, Bugatti is a modern, innovative producer, always ready to face market challenges.

In the spotlight

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The Company

Bugatti has been producing Water Pumps for cars and light industrial vehicles since 1973.

Research & Development
Continual investments in Research and Development have allowed Bugatti to extend its horizons to the point that, today, its production site also includes a pressure die-casting foundry and a high-precision machining department.

The Quality
The company has, for many years, boasted UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Certification and, since 2007, also UNI ISO-TS Certification 16949, which recognise the excellence of its system and product quality.

The Service

Speed and prompt delivery: these are the key words at Bugatti. We offer a full, precise service for our many customers in scores of countries around the world.