Since 1972, Bugatti Autoricambi has been designing, manufacturing and selling: water pumps, timing belt kits with and without water pump, tensioners, idler pulleys and damper pulleys for cars and light commercial vehicles. Internationally known, Bugatti is one of the top water pump manufacturers in Italy and in Europe. Founded by the Bugatti family and part of the Metelli Group since 2017, the company has its own production plant in the province of Brescia. Courtesy of its in-house aluminium diecasting foundry, the company has the capacity to develop the water pump from design to finished product. With the vertical integration of the production process, the time required for the various stages of production has been reduced. This enables Bugatti to provide a fast service with a 98% fill rate.


Here at Bugatti, company values are handed down from generation to generation, from people leaving on reaching retirement age to newcomers taking their place. Members of our team have been sharing their on-the-job expertise for years. In addition to their knowledge of products and relevant manufacturing times and methods, they are keen to pass on the conviction that good order in the workplace and in the performance of their duties is key to achieving good results and that meticulous checking of materials, manufacturing processes, semi-finished and finished products is essential to maintain the high standards of quality for which the company – and its water pumps – are known in the international market. Indeed, service quality at Bugatti is our most important value and the company’s whole organization is geared to achieving this goal.


For Bugatti Autoricambi, the quality of our services and products – whether aftermarket water pumps or extremely high-precision components – is a must, something to which the whole company philosophy bears testimony, along with the accreditation UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Certification, which recognizes the excellence of the system and product quality. For Bugatti, standing out for high quality means producing water pumps that are strong, reliable and interchangeable and, above all, offering the peace of mind that comes with a product controlled at every stage of the production process, sticking to our targeted policies that boost Bugatti quality on a daily basis.


With 5% of turnover set aside each year to be invested in technology and R&D, Bugatti Autoricambi manages to constantly update both its product range and its plant list. A fixed amount of investments goes into the development of new models (i.e. new products that are regularly put into production and on which we want to focus our future investments), while a variable amount is earmarked for the purchase of new machinery. Machining centres specifically designed to handle light alloys, latest generation lathes, fully automated assembly machinery, 3D CAD systems for designing products, parts and dies and die-casting simulators thus enable us to streamline production, reducing errors in the various stages of the manufacturing process, and make water pumps to the highest standard of quality at competitive prices.


We export our products to over 90 countries throughout the world, covering the five continents, Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania. This makes us a highly capable manufacturer, and enables us to cater to the needs of different markets while maintaining the integrity and reliability that has always set us apart. Our customer base is mixed, from the independent aftermarket (I.A.M.), to original equipment services (OES), and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).


The foundry is committed to providing customers with quality, high-performance products that comply with current regulations. Meticulous checks are carried out on incoming raw materials, during the casting process, during the finishing of unprocessed pieces, during machining and on the finished products. The company's main facilities include: - 2 melting furnaces with a total production capacity of 48 tonnes per day - A degassing plant using inert gas - 8 die-casting cells from 400 to1000 tonne, fully mechanised and equipped with automatic blanking - A mould maintenance department - A finishing department for deburring and shot blasting of castings